Alana studied SFX Makeup at the Makeup Forever Academy in Paris, France and has worked as Key Make-up Artist on numerous feature films with international release.

Alana’s confidence and ability to understand composition, shape, light, colour, emotion and expression allows her to create distinctive, flawless looks using makeup that have been specifically designed for the light and environment in which it is to be showcased.

Makeup in the film arena represents a vision. The final look is a collaboration between the director, the makeup artist, the production designer, the cinematographer and the actor. To Alana, this collaboration is key to creating edgy looks outside the comfort zone, evoking emotion in the beholder.

Alana is based in Vancouver, B.C. and works internationally. Alana is a Key Make-up Artist Permittee for ACFC West - The Association of Canadian Film Craftspeople, Local 2020 Unifor.